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My name is Roozbeh Jafarzadeh ,I studied graphic design I’m a Multimedia Designer based in California, the photography and Video approach to the work I create is very much simplistic but also cinematically inspired.
I love what I do, and adore the creative process;It is addictive and give never ending possibilities.
Be thrilled to hear from you regarding a visual project.

Designing has always been favorite, and whether that’s designing printing project such as logo and poster or artwork for specific video project,I thoroughly enjoy doing so.

I adore working with both traditional ( but also to incorporate technical digital side of things.
I have huge love retro and vintage but also modern design which I like to combine within the two area.
Collaborating on project is a real treat, so if you have a project in mind, I’d love to hear from you.

when not working alongside client, I thoroughly  enjoy getting to create and spend time on personal projects ,whether that’s a new project I’m lifting off the ground or exhibiting new network.

I started my job in Iran , first by working as a set designer in TV Show and after a while I found an opportunity to get a job at a studio as 2d Animator, three years working for a TV series. 

advertising for me is like identity, I couldn't  imagine my self without it and I got my first job in a very big agent as TV commercial director .

working for an agency never been easy so to achieve that I was working two years as a no paid intern and then I was able to attract the attention of one of the directors.

2003 was the point that my journey began and after two years I made my first TV commercial as a director , I can't forget that time when i saw my first commercial between a series, I was crying.
after five years I founded my Agency "Hima media" .

I made over 400 TV commercial and made many copywriting for many projects.

I have run dozens of advertising campaigns . beside I was working as a photographer videographer director for many advertising.

and then Immigration happened. I started from zero. but at that time I was in 35, I  was working for some small company made graphic , made content for some retail , also working as a wedding videographer and finally I was hired by a tile and mosaic company as a multimedia designer.

beside as I 'm an artist I'm involved by making cartoon and posters, also photography.

I hope you now know me a bit better, and thank you for the time you spent reading my story. 

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